Male Prisons

HMP Ashfield

Shortwood Road, Pucklechurch, Bristol, BS16 9QJ

HMP Ashfield is a category C training prison for men who have been convicted of sexual offences.

Category C prisons are training and resettlement prisons; most prisoners are located in a category C. They provide prisoners with the opportunity to develop their own skills so they can find work and resettle back into the community on release.

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HMP Bristol

19 Cambridge Road, Bristol, BS7 8PS

HMP Bristol is a prison and young offender institution (YOI) for men aged 18 and over.

Category B prisons are either local or training prisons. Local prisons house prisoners that are taken directly from court in the local area (sentenced or on remand), and training prisons hold long-term and high-security prisoners. HMP Bristol combines both.

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HMP Erlestoke

Erlestoke, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 5TU

HMP Erlestoke is a category C prison for adult men and is located near the picturesque village of Erlestoke in Wiltshire.

Category C prisons are training and resettlement prisons; most prisoners are located in a category C. Erlestoke provides educational opportunities and rehabilitation programmes to develop their own skills to find work and to resettle back into the community on release.

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HMP Leyhill

Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8BT

HMP Leyhill is an open prison for men working towards rehabilitation and release.

Category D prisons have minimal security and allow eligible prisoners to spend time away from the prison on licence to carry out work, education or for other resettlement purposes. Open prisons only house prisoners that have been risk-assessed and deemed suitable for open conditions.

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Female Prisons

HMP Eastwood Park

Church Avenue, Falfield, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8DB

HMP Eastwood Park is a prison and young offender institution (YOI) for women aged 18 and over.

Women and young adults are categorised and held in either closed conditions or open conditions, according to their risks and needs. Females and young adults who’re considered high risk are categorised as ‘restricted status’, meaning they can only be held in a closed prison. In exceptional cases, they may be held in a high security prison (category A).

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Other Secure Settings

Vinney Green Secure Children's Home

Emersons Green Lane, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7AA

Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home is a residential unit that accommodates up to 24 young people of both sexes, aged between 10 and 17.

These establishments can house young people under the age of 18 who have been remanded or sentenced to periods of detention by the courts. They can also house young people who have been placed there for their welfare via an order under section 25 of the Children Act. This is typically if they have a history of absconding from placements, or if being housed in a non-secure placement is likely to put them at risk of suffering harm or injuring others.

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Fromeside Medium & Wickham Low Secure Units

Blackberry Hospital, Manor Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 1EG

Situated within Blackberry Hill Hospital – an NHS psychiatric hospital – Fromeside is an 80 bed medium secure hospital caring for male and female patients with mental illness and/or personality disorder. Wickham low secure service has 31 rehabilitation-focused beds, meeting the specific needs of vulnerable male patients with ongoing mental health issues.

Medium and low secure mental health services care for and treat patients who are a serious risk to others. They may also have a criminal history or have risks and behaviours that mean they cannot be treated in mainstream mental health services.

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