Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Lauren Grant

Sarah Jarvis

Tierney Harris

Ellie Henderson

Clinical Nurse Managers

Jason Cooper

Emily Delve

Rachel Prodger

David Read

Jane Whitehead

GP Leads

Dr Lynsey Cockerill

Lead GP

Dr Emma Mastrocola

Lead GP

Dr Pippa Morris

Lead GP

Clinical Specialists

Kat Wolf

BBV Lead

Clinical Team Leaders

Our Clinical Team Leaders take on the responsibility of managing shifts when they are on duty, ensuring a safe and efficient service is delivered by staff to patients. They set the standard and act as role models for their teams; participating in clinical duties whilst also undertaking leadership and managerial tasks. Under the direction of the Clinical Nurse Managers, the Clinical Team Leaders provide training, mentoring and supervision to the team.

Nurses, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Assistants

Our clinical team is made up of a range of clinicians, both registered and non-registered. Together, they work to ensure high quality physical health services, support and care is provided to all of our patients. From long-term condition management to emergency response; from phlebotomy to medicines management; this team does it all!