Hanham Secure Health Ltd stands in solidarity with the black community and we will not tolerate racism of any kind.

We have a duty to protect our employees, colleagues, patients and the public from all forms of inequality and discrimination. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent protests following the death of George Floyd, I feel it is important for us all to take the time to consider the roles we play, both in being part of the solution and being part of the problem with regards to racism.

On a personal level, I have chosen to pursue a career in secure healthcare because I truly believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and privacy, regardless of who they are or where they are. I know that all of you working in this sector will share this passion for bringing equality to what is often an extremely vulnerable and marginalised patient population. It saddens me to see that, even in 2020, inequalities are still so rife across many areas and aspects of life and that it takes such tragic events to truly shine the light on what remains a fundamental problem in the modern world.

The recent events have highlighted just how crucial it is for us to ensure we are doing everything we can to answer the call for anti-racism. It is our commitment to ensure that we have all the right policies, processes and systems in place to achieve this. We are working hard to review, improve and effectively implement all of these things over the coming weeks. It feels only appropriate that we, as a healthcare provider and an employer, demonstrate our support to the Black Lives Matter movement, the Stop Adult Abuse Week and other campaigns aimed at reducing inequality and discrimination.

Black lives should matter to every individual and every medical professional; therefore, I am encouraging everyone working for and with Hanham Secure Health Ltd to ask themselves; how can I be better informed, how can I help and how can I support my black colleagues and the wider black community?

Viki Lamb

Managing Director, Hanham Secure Health Ltd


12 June 2020