National Apprenticeship Week 2022

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, “Build the Future”, encapsulates perfectly the HSH vision for apprentices within our workforce.

Apprenticeships offer a different and often more manageable route into a range of professions and industries. Many people are put off of pursuing their dream career for fear of not being academic enough for university, the inability to afford being in full-time education, or due to the impracticalities of balancing a work/learn/home life. Apprenticeships offer a solution to that:

  • Paid employment
  • Workplace based learning and support
  • Allocated study/learning time

Apprenticeships Explained

In this podcast, we speak to Laurence Ross from the BNSSG Healthier Together partnership about how and why apprenticeships work for so many people, of all ages and backgrounds.

Supporting Apprenticeships

Our very own Abi Bartlett talks about why HSH is so passionate about supporting the development and progression of employees and how apprenticeships play a key role in this.

Our Amazing Apprentices

To celebrate and recognise our wonderful apprentices, we invited a few of them to tell us more about their courses, how they are finding the experience and what advice they might give to others considering the apprenticeship route…

Advanced Clinical Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship

In this podcast, Lauren and Tierney talk about the ACP Degree Apprenticeship that they are both undertaking whilst in full time employment with HSH.

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Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship

In this podcast, we hear from Cim who has recently started the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship; a four year earn-whilst-you-learn course that will result in Cim becoming a fully fledged Registered General Nurse after years of working with us as a Healthcare Assistant.

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Registered Nurse Degree Top Up Apprenticeship

In this podcast, we hear from Jane. Jane had previously completed her Assistant Practitioner qualification and is now in her second year of the Registered Nurse Degree Top Up Apprenticeship. This is a two year course that will lead Jane to becoming a Registered General Nurse!

UCAS – Apprenticeship vs. University

Chantelle, a Healthcare Assistant here at HSH, was recently interviewed by UCAS to give her take on why an apprenticeship has been the right option for her. Chantelle, who is currently undertaking the Nursing Associate Degree Apprenticeship, is joined in the interview by her HSH mentor, Amy.