General Practice Awards 2021 – Finalist!

After being shortlisted in the ‘Clinical Improvement: Chronic Conditions’ category at this year’s General Practice Awards, Hanham Secure Health is thrilled to have been announced as a Finalist!

The award looked for a team or individual that demonstrated excellence when supporting patients with chronic conditions – helping to improve their lives and the management of their symptoms. The panel were looking for projects, strategies, and schemes that had been implemented to improve long-term patient care.

HSH was shortlisted for the long-term conditions project that our clinical, digital systems and administration teams worked hard to deliver over the last year; greatly improving the identification, treatment and follow up of chronic conditions in our secure patient population.

One of our overarching aims is to improve the health and well-being of people in prison and reduce health inequalities, by maximising the opportunity to intervene, educate and optimise treatments. The objective of this project was to take our knowledge and experience in the use of the Quality Outcome Framework (QOF) in general practice and develop a bespoke pathway to deliver these same QOF outcomes within the prison setting, thereby overcoming the known obstacles.

Whilst our entry did not win, we are incredibly proud that our work in prison healthcare has been recognised. This is a setting that is often dogged with negative press; we are over the moon to have put the excellent clinical work that goes on in prisons into the spotlight.

Thank you to every single member of our team that played a role in this project.