The 5% Club Awards Ceremony

And the award goes to…

We were thrilled to be invited to The 5% Club Reception at the House of Lords on 8th December, to receive our recently awarded Gold Member status in recognition of our significant contribution to the continued development of all our employees through “earn & learn” Apprenticeships schemes.

In this inaugural year for the scheme and in only our second year as a company, Hanham Secure Health was one of the one of the 58 employers who met the Gold Standard.

We sent Stacey Gilbert (Head of People) and Abi Bartlett (Head of Clinical Services) – who have been integral to our successful apprenticeship programme – along to the reception to collect our award:


“I was proud to represent Hanham Secure Health at a national event which recognised our efforts and achievement in both our Gold Award with the 5% Club and our continued commitment to offering Earn and Learn opportunities such as apprenticeships and other training opportunities. I would like to thank everyone involved at Hanham Secure Health in their achievements this year and congratulate Hanham Secure Health for being one of only 58 employers in the country to have been given the gold award. I look forward to our offering growing next year and the learning that we can share amongst the organisation” – Stacey Gilbert, Head of People & HR


Congratulations to the other 57 employers on their achievement!