Incidents arising from recreational drug use – a call to action

Incidents arising from recreational drug use:

A call to action

Following a recent spike in the number of incidents arising from recreational drug use in the Bristol area, we are doing what we can to support Bristol City Council’s approach to tackling this issue and to sharing its message that people in the city need to be “aware of the dangers of drug and alcohol use and to know where [they] can go for help. This includes knowing how to seek immediate medical assistance, where longer term support for addiction can be found and what practical steps should [be taken] to support those you have concerns for”.

According to Bristol City Council, “there are particularly large volumes of highly potent recreational drugs being circulated at lower than market rates. Reports suggest that a range of drugs are in circulation that are of a higher strength than those mostly seen prior to the pandemic which pose serious health risks. This has sadly has already claimed the life of one young person. The NHS reports higher than usual attendance at emergency department from drug related incidents”.

At Hanham Secure Health, we support the Council in actively recommending against the consumption of drugs within our secure establishments. There is a strong correlation between drug circulation and consumption in the community and within the prison setting, and it is therefore important to address both aspects collaboratively. We salute and support the newly published Drug and Alcohol Strategy that multiple agencies and organisations in Bristol have come together to create.

We are urging members of the public in and around the Bristol area to share appropriate safety messages to encourage people to be mindful of the risks from the additional strength drugs currently in circulation and to be very mindful of their drug and alcohol use. We are grateful to our night-time economy stakeholders for their continued support.

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