World Hepatitis Day

Tuesday 28th July 2020

The theme this year is ‘Find the Missing Millions’. Worldwide, 290 million people are living with viral hepatitis unaware.  Hanham Secure Health joins with people from across the world to take action and raise awareness to find the ‘missing millions’. Prison residents are an ‘at risk community’ who experience higher levels of hepatitis C than the community – partially due to risks incurred through prison tattoos, but mostly due to a higher prevalence of people with a history of injecting drug use in the prisons community.

Awareness of hepatitis C can be raised by ensuring that quick conversations between clinician and patient include the following points:

  • Hepatitis C is curable
  • We can treat you whilst you’re in prison
  • There are very few side effects
  • Treatment is in the form of tablets for only 8-12 weeks
  • The Hepatitis C Trust can support patients in the community if they are released before the end of treatment

Let’s Find The Missing Millions and eliminate hepatitis C!

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