Stop Adult Abuse Week 2020

15th-19th June 2020

Hanham Secure Health Ltd is supporting the Stop Adult Abuse Week; an initiative in the South West that started in 2014 when five Safeguarding Adults Boards in the area decided to join together and raise awareness of safeguarding people from abuse and neglect.

Abuse exists in many different forms: financial, physical, emotional, neglect etc. These types of abuse can happen to anyone; however, those at greater risk include those whose care and support needs affect their ability to protect themselves, such as the elderly and people living with learning disabilities, mental ill-health or severe illness. Further information can be found at:

For this year’s “Stop Adult Abuse Week” (15-19 June), we are focussing on raising awareness of adult safeguarding during the coronavirus outbreak. The outbreak and the restrictions imposed on social distancing have contributed to an increase in abuse of vulnerable people in their homes, through cuckooing. This can involve strangers taking over a vulnerable person’s home and using it has a base for illegal activity, such as drug dealing. It can also include friends and family members moving in, using the vulnerable person’s food and money for their own purposes and leaving the vulnerable person in debt and without enough food. There has also been a national increase in domestic abuse and in financial scams.

Within secure environments, there is anecdotal evidence that there has been an increase in self-harm and self-neglect due to a reduced regime, reduction in contact with friends/family and increased isolation during the outbreak.

We will be spending the week working with our employees to raise awareness of the role they can play in helping to spot the signs, how to help prevent and how to help in situations of abuse or neglect. We will also be launching our new Safeguarding Level 3 training to our registered healthcare professionals.